Ontology based knowledge engineering technologies suitable for web environment

Period: 01.11.2014. – 31.12.2017.

Project leaderJ.Grundspenkis

Project participants from DAISE: V.Graudina, J. Grundspenkis, E.Lavendelis, S.Petrovica, L.Survilo

Other project participants:  RTU Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
LU Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
LU Faculty of Computing

Project goal: To develop the scientific expertise of the next generation ICT systems by researching and further developing novel competitive model-based information and communication technologies and their applications in modern web environment.
Transfer the created expertise and technologies to concrete domains of Latvia’s economics by developing and creating novel ICT methods and tools, as well as introducing them into the higher education study process.

Type of project/project funding: State research programme project (Latvian Council of Science)

Viedu daudzvalodu e-mācību materiālu veidošanas metožu un algoritmu izstrāde

Project: Recommendations for methods and algorithms for multilingual eLM development based on ontologies

Period: 01.11.2013.-01.03.2014.

Project leader: J. Vucans

Project participants from DAISE: V.Graudina, J. Grundspenkis, M.Strautmane, S.Petrovica

Other project participants: Joint stock Company Datorzinibu Centrs

Project goal: To develop recommendations for methods and algorithms for multilingual eLM development based on ontologies

Type of project/project funding: IT Competence Centre project with ERDF support

Development of the structural modelling based software tool prototype for the industrial control system analysis

Period: 01.07.2013. – 30.06.2014.

Project leaderI.Zeltmate

Project participants from DAISE: I.Zeltmate, J.Grundspenkis

Other project participants:  ICD Software (Norway)

Project goal: To develop an innovative software tool prototype by implementing the structural modelling approach and additional algorithms, which enable automated modelling and analysis of industrial control systems (ICS). Approbate the end-product of the project in the morphological and functional analysis of SCADA system infrastructures, as well as in the fault and consequence analysis

Type of project/project funding: RTU project

Intelligent agents, modelling and web technologies based insurance system software development

Period: 01.04.2011.–30.12.2013.

Project leaderL. Novickis

Project participants from DAISE: J.Grundspenkis, E. Lavendelis

Other project participants:  RTU Department of Informatics and programming

Project goal: To apply intelligent agents, modelling and web technologies to implement intelligent insurance system that is capable to automate tasks of insurance domain.

Type of project/project funding: ERDF project