Development of technology for multiagent robotic intelligent system

Period: 01.12.2010. – 30.11.2013.

Project leaderJ.Grundspenkis

Project participants from DAISE: A.Grabovskis, E.Lavendelis, A.Liekna, A.Nikitenko, I.Zeltmate, M.Strautmane, A.Anohina-Naumeca

Other project participants: Latvian Academy of Agriculture, —Terra Virtuala Ltd. (iRobot representative in Latvia)

Project goal: To increase work efficiency and decrease the negative impact of the production process to the environment in the biological agriculture by developing technology of intelligent multi-agent robotic system. To put together advantages of multi-agent system and robotized platforms and practically apply them to particular problems, so creating technology that will significantly increase work efficiency in certain tasks of biological agriculture.

Type of project/project funding: ERDF project


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